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Welcome to the )0( Triple Crow Publishing )0( blog. We are a small publisher based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Our mission is to deliver intriguing, interesting, and informative nonfiction and fiction books and literary publications to avid readers across the world.

We seek out authors (both unpublished and published) with interesting styles and voices. Those authors will receive an exclusive invitation to publish—in various formats—with Triple Crow Publishing.

TCP will electronically publish all genres and categories of books, both nonfiction and fiction. Authors are NOT be asked to pay to publish with Triple Crow Publishing. Authors receive quarterly royalties.

Our aim is to seek out authors who have something extra to offer readers. Avid bibliophiles recognize what that something extra is, and so do we. It's often intangible, but you'll know it when you experience it. An author's work needs to resonate with us. It needs to touch us in a substantial way, either intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually (hopefully all three!). 

**We are currently open for submissions.**

For a copy of our submission guidelines, send an e-mail to triplecrowpublishing@gmail.com with GUIDELINES in the subject line.

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Thanks for visiting our blog. If you have questions, visit our contact page on this site.

The )0( Triple Crow Publishing )0( Publishing Team

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